Christa Wille

Position title: Research Analyst, CIEE


Headshot of Christa Wille

Christa Wille (she/her) is passionate about using research to advance teaching and learning in higher education, especially in engineering. Through her lived experiences as a learner across multiple disciplines, her leadership in instructional design of a flipped classroom in her biomechanics courses, and her extensive background in research, Christa is well suited to support scholarship of teaching and learning projects in the College of Engineering. As a member of the Center for Innovation in Engineering Education, she is eager to help use research to advocate for and support educational practices that ensure inclusive and effective teaching and learning practices for all engineering students and instructors alike.

Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering (University of Wisconsin, Madison); M.S. Biomedical Engineering (University of Wisconsin, Madison); Doctor of Physical Therapy (University of Wisconsin, Madison); B.S. Biomedical Engineering (University of Wisconsin, Madison)