Angela Kita

Position title: Associate Director CIEE, Director of GCSP


Phone: (608) 265-7813

Headshot of Angela Kita

Angela Kita (she/her) is committed to improving learning experiences for all students through classroom innovation, program development, and fostering community. Her passion for all things teaching and learning began through teaching experiences as a graduate student, particularly working with non-biology majors exploring the various systems and structures found in animal phylogeny. She has worked collaboratively with faculty and staff on curriculum development, improved instructor support, and cross-campus projects. As a member of the Center for Innovation in Engineering Education, she is excited to build and grow partnerships that better connect students to their learning, their passions, and their goals.

Ph.D. Cellular and Molecular Biology (University of Wisconsin, Madison); B.S. Molecular and Cell Biology (University of California, Berkeley)