Haley Briel

Position title: Teaching & Learning Tech Specialist, CEETE

Email: hbriel@wisc.edu

Haley Briel sitting in a softly lit cafe, holding a mug in both hands

Haley Briel (she/her) is a Teaching and Learning Tech Specialist with CEETE in the College of Engineering. She discovered the joy of active learning upon graduation from Vanderbilt University in 2008 when she was hired as an outreach coordinator with Wofford College’s Goodall Environmental Studies Center. There, she hosted community events and outdoor lessons for all ages about the flora, fauna, and history of upstate South Carolina. Haley found her home at UW-Madison in graduate school, where she received dual master’s degrees in Urban and Regional Planning and Water Resources Management in 2015. After a brief tenure in floodplain management, Haley returned to UW to pursue her passion for developing learning experiences that are inclusive, effective, and fun!

In her free time, Haley loves to go camping all across Wisconsin, cook new and interesting recipes, and play tabletop games of all varieties!

M.S. Urban and Regional Planning and Water Resources Management (University of Wisconsin, Madison); B.S. Geological and Earth Sciences/Geosciences (Vanderbilt University)