Current Students

We are currently recruiting for our second cohort of Grand Challenges Scholars! 

Application review begins March 20, 2024 and we will be making decisions by mid-April 2024. Submit your application at any time.

Visit our How to Apply page for more details!

Meet our Scholars!

The first cohort of Grand Challenges Scholars, posing as group on a staircase.
First cohort of Grand Challenges Scholars!

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Anna Chen

Headshot of Anna ChenMajor: Biomedical Engineering
Theme: Health / Reverse-engineer the brain
Goal: Investigate treatments for “incurable” diseases, and particularly interested in asthma.

Belal Elsherbini

Headshot of Belal ElsherbiniMajor: Computer Engineering & Computer Science
Theme: Joy of Living / Engineer the tools for scientific discovery
Goal: Engineer the tools of scientific discovery by harnessing robotics research.

Gerson Adimir Esquivel Garcia

Headshot of Gerson Esquivel GarciaMajor: Nuclear Engineering
Theme: Security / Provide energy from fusion, Prevent nuclear terror
Goal: Explore how nuclear energy can positively impact the world

Lucia Frieling

Headshot of Lucia FrielingMajor: Biomedical Engineering
Theme: Health / Engineer better medicines
Goal: Be a part of the generation that formulates the cure for cancer.

Dominique Gooden

Headshot of Dominique GoodenMajor: Biomedical Engineering
Theme: Health / Engineer better medicines, Reverse-engineer the brain
Goal: Improve neurological disease outcomes and address disparities in our healthcare system.

Brooke Hendry

Headshot of Brooke HendryMajor: Industrial Engineering
Theme: Security / Restore and improve urban infrastructure
Goal: Address urban infrastructure challenges as a means of improving lives for all people.

Mannan Jindal

Headshot of Mannan JindalMajor: Computer Engineering
Theme: Security & Health
Goal: Ensure cyber security and improve the lives of others.

Prathmesh Konda Gopinath

Headshot of Prathmesh Konda GopinathMajor: Computer Engineering and Computer Science
Theme: Joy of Living / Advance Personalized Learning
Goal: Develop accessible personalized learning that works for all students by harnessing artificial intelligence.

Aditi Sunil

Headshot of Aditi SunilMajor: Computer Science and Data Science
Theme: Joy of Living / Enhance virtual reality
Goal: Incorporate creativity and engineering knowledge to create solutions that could significantly enhance virtual reality.

Simar Tathgir

Headshot of Simar TathgirMajor: Computer Engineering
Theme: Sustainability
Goal: Address environmental degradation, foster sustainability practices, and contribute to holistic solutions for complex challenges.